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Glossary: What is de.licio.us and how it helps you blog

De.licio.us is one of a suite of social bookmarking sites.  It has three main purposes:

  1. an online site to store your bookmarks,
  2. a place to share your bookmarks with friends, and
  3. a site to check out what other people are bookmarking.

An added benefit is you can assign tags (keywords) to the bookmarks.

You can use number 3 to get traffic to your blog.  By bookmarking your posts with your targeted keywords, you can get a relevant link to your blog.  You may also get visitors to your blog who stumble across your bookmark.

Another useful feature of de.licio.us is you can find other popular blogs in your topic area.  Search de.licio.us for your topic and see what kinds of items are popular and bookmarked frequently.

Be sure to be a responsible bookmarker by not only bookmarking your site, but other sites with outstanding content.

One last thought…. to get to the de.licio.us site just type in http://de.licio.us  (no www or .com).

Glossary: What is an RSS Feed?

See that orange box over on the right hand side of the screen under the heading “Add Us to Your RSS Reader”? If you click the orange box you can “Subscribe to my Feed.” But just what exactly is it for?

First, let’s explain a feed. A feed is a list of all the postings on your blog… and it is automatically updated when you make a post.

Feeds are used by feed readers. A feed reader is a special kind of software that lists all the different feeds you have subscribed to and the individual blog posts. A feed reader saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to visit every blog to see if it has been updated… it automatically looks for and lists new content for you in your own “personal newspaper” format.

My favorite feed reader is the Google Reader because you can get to your feeds from any computer on the Internet. Just log in to your Google account to get to your specific feeds. It also lets you sort your feeds into folders and makes it really easy to read through a lot of feeds quickly (you can watch how one top blogger, Robert Scoble, reads 622 feeds every morning). It’s also easy to add feeds to the reader… most blogs that have the orange box will also have a button that says “Subscribe with Google.” Click it and the feed is automatically added to your Google reader.

By the way RSS (which stands for “Really Simple Syndication”) is the technical part of the feed that makes it all work in the background for you.

I also love an RSS reader because it’s so much easier than having to delete email! Rather than getting email updates and having to delete each new message, you can just see the post in your reader.

So go visit Google, set up your reader, and make sure you put Your Blog Team at the top of your feeds!

Glossary: What is a Blogroll?

blogroll (noun). A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs often placed on the side of a blog.

Different bloggers use them for different things. Some bloggers create a list of relevant blogs for their topic area; others use it as a place to link to all their friends.

We call our blogroll “Favorites,” and it lists some of my favorite blogs that you might also be interested in (so they are bloggers who talk about blogging.)

You want every link on your blog to be relevant for your visitor so use this list of links to provide good resources in your blogroll.

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